Photos from the L&N Historical Society Meeting

Sunday, September 21, 2008

1315 was rebuilt and painted during 2008 and debuted on Sunday, September 21, 2008, at the L&N Historical Society meeting. Photos of the painting process are also available online.

1315 departs the rebuild site on September 21st and the engineer gets to open her up for the first time since being painted.

1315 poses in her fresh paint in front of the K-25 building at Oak Ridge before getting the passenger train for the L&N Historical Societyís trip.

1315 poses at the Wheat boarding site for the many L&N fans.

The first official runby with 1315 was conducted on the curved bridge at milepost 2 south of Blair, Tennessee.

Another runby was conducted at what is called kudzu hill. Here 1315 shows that it can still make that beautiful ALCO smoke.

Following the runby, 1315 was posed at the same site.

The next series of photos was at the south end of the Poplar Creek bridge.

The afternoon event for 1315's debut featured a short freight train.

The next photo session was conducted near the TVA substation. The surrounding hills are appropriate for the C-420 as its regular territory was just to the east of this site.

Poplar Creek bridge was again a prop for the event.

For only the second time in SARMís history, the K-Line saw a public train. Here, 1315 is working up the lineís hill with a freight.

A bit further up the hill, 1315 looks perfect with its short freight.


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