The Adirondack Rare Mileage Charter Trains

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Two Days of Train Rides on the


and the


Wednesday, May 18, and Thursday, May 19, 2011


The Southern Appalachia Railway Museum announces a series of special train rides covering much of the Adirondack Scenic and Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Railroad lines out of Utica, New York. Come join us as we travel across the hill country of the western Adirondacks. Here is your chance to combine several trips into one visit. These trips include several photo runbys each day.

These trips are designed for the rider's entertainment and comfort. We will make multiple photo stops each day and only 60% of the seats will be sold so there will be plenty of room on the train.

The Southern Appalachia Railway Museum is based in the Knoxville-Oak Ridge, Tennessee, area and operates the Secret City Scenic Excursion Train through the former K-25 Manhattan Project facility.


All of the equipment used on the trip will be supplied by the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. The trains will consist of a baggage car, cafe, and several coaches The equipment has been restored for modern use but may not be fully accessible for all passengers. Steps and narrow aisles may make it difficult for some people. Additionally, photo stop locations will not be at regular stations and may be difficult for some people to get on and off the train. Because of the historical design of the rail passenger equipment, passengers needing special assistance are asked to make arrangements on their own for physical help.

On-Board Services:

Snacks, drinks and souvenirs will be available for sale on the train. To ensure adequate space on the cars, passengers are encouraged to carry only small bags or coolers. Coolers and bags must fit overhead or under seats to keep the aisles clear. No alcohol is allowed.


Lunch meal service will available in the café car at an extra charge.

Hotels and Local Information:

Passengers are expected to make their own hotel reservations and accommodations to get to and from the train. There are numerous hotels in the Utica area. The Oneida County Convention and Visitors Bureau has a good listing.

Schedule of Events:

Wednesday, May 18 - Utica to Carter roundtrip

(Note that we plan to travel as far north on the line as possible.)

9:00 am - Departure from Utica station
6:00 pm - Return to Utica

Thursday, May 19 - Utica to Lyons Falls roundtrip

(Note that we also hope to make a stop at the Canal Museum at Boonville.)

9:00 am - Departure from Utica station
5:00 pm - Return to Utica

Please note that we are working on several more charter trains in the area and hope to announce them soon.

Ticket Price: Tickets are sold on a daily basis and are e-mailed to you. Tickets include the train rides only. There are no reduced fares for children or senior citizens. There is also a $15 hard copy charge if you want the ticket and trip guide mailed to you.

Wednesday, May 18 - Utica to Carter roundtrip - $70

Thursday, May 19 - Utica to Lyons Falls roundtrip - $70

Tickets: A limited number of tickets are still available and will be sold trainside the days of the trips. Payment is by cash or check only.

Further Information: These trains are operated for the education, entertainment and enjoyment of the passengers and as a fundraising activity for SARM. They will run rain or shine. The trains are not a part of the regular operations of the railroads involved, therefore, the Adirondack Scenic Railroad and the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Railroad cannot be held responsible for delays or changes in the equipment or itinerary. The operators cannot be held responsible for problems associated with connecting transportation, lodging, sickness, weather, acts of war, acts of God, or other causes beyond our control. The same holds true for the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum and any other non-profit or for-profit organization assisting with these trips. Tickets are non-refundable but can be resold. Remember, this is a volunteer-operated educational and fund-raising event, please assist us as you can. Please contact the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum with any questions that you might have. E-mail is preferred at: If you want to send a written question, send it to SARM 2011 Adirondack, c/o Barton Jennings, P.O. Box 620, Avon, IL 61415. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with any correspondence.

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