Photos from the DEL-MAR-VA Express Rare Mileage Train Ride

Cape Charles, Virginia to Pocomoke City, Maryland

Sunday and Monday, November 23 & 24, 2008

On November 23 & 24, 2008, the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum sponsored a special rare mileage train ride covering the Bay Coast Railroad between Cape Charles, Virginia, and Pocomoke City, Maryland. Passengers dined as they rode over this former Pennsylvania Railroad line, built in the 1880s as a speedway and bypass between Norfolk and the northeast. Each all day trip included three meals, photo runbys, and a stop at the Eastern Shore Railroad Museum.

The trip used Bay Creek #316. Number 316, converted into a self-propelled dining car, was built in 1913 for the Southern Traction Company by the St. Louis Car Company. It arrived in Dallas from St. Louis in September 1913. The 316 was built as part of a 22 car order, numbered 301 through 322. Southern Traction was absorbed into the "Texas Electric" in 1917. The T&E ceased operations in 1948, with all 22 motors being let out for salvage. 316 was among a number of cars and trailers bought by a nearby campground. 316 was eventually sold to a dentist near Fort Worth, who used it on his ranch as a cabin. The car was restored back to its original 1913 appearance by Edwards Rail Car in 2007-2008 for the Bay Creek Railway. Number 316 is shown here parked at the train's regular boarding location.

Each day's trip started at the barge landing in Cape Charles, Virginia.

Upon departure, the passengers received a welcome aboard and then a light breakfast.

Car 316 is shown leaving the yard at Cape Charles...

...and passing the famous Cape Charles water tower.

Lunch each day was held at the Eastern Shore Railroad Museum at Parksley, Virginia.

The crew made sure to pose #316 during lunch for the photographers.

At Pocomoke, Maryland, #316 was posed next to Cassett Tower for photos before the evening return to Cape Charles.

The north end of the route at Pocomoke, Maryland.

All photos by Sarah Jennings

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