Photos from the 2010 excursion on the West Texas & Lubbock

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today's trip began at sunrise - a nice, colorful start.

The train is parked at Doud, where new track connects the two parts of the railroad.

The day began with a trip to Broadview, over a new line built so a local road could be expanded.

The second runby of the day took place at Whiteface Junction, where the new line cuts north and then east to reach Lubbock.

More new track was seen when the SARM train passed through the new industrial park at Levelland.

Here is a close-up of part of the train. Passengers had a choice of riding in a full-length Santa Fe dome or a unique bi-level coach, originally built as a test car for the Long Island Railroad.

To cover the west end of the line, former CN-51 hit the rails. Here it comes into Whiteface with the first riders of the afternoon.

This is a view from CN-51, passing oil rigs in west Texas.

All photos by Barton Jennings.

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