Photos from a morning at the Railroads at Old Threshers

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

Sunday, August 17, 2008

On Sunday, August 17, 2008, SARM chartered trips over both the steam/diesel line and the electric line at Mount Pleasant (Old Threshers), featured in the September 2008 issue of Railfan & Railroad Magazine. We spent two hours making trips around the narrow gauge rail line of the Midwest Central Railroad using their diesel Plymouth #14. Multiple stops were made for photos. Then another two hours were spent on the Midwest Electric Railway line. We used their CA&E 320 interurban car and their Waterloo 381 trolley [former Knoxville (TN) Power & Light 379]. Again, multiple stops were made for photos.

Since these photo spots are generally not available during the Old Threshers reunion (due to the other 25,000 people in attendance) we were able to get some interesting shots. This was the move-out weekend in preparation for the huge Labor Day weekend event meaning that rail equipment as well as farming and logging equipment was moving around for additional photo opportunities.

Also, see photos from the Appanoose County Community Railroad Excursion on Saturday, August 16, 2008.

Plymouth 14, coach "Mt. Pleasant", and White Pass & Yukon caboose 903 perform a runby.

Where normally dozens of RVs are parked during "Threshers", #14 performs another runby.

#14 passes the Snipe Run water tank in a classic scene from the steam-to-diesel era.

A wig-wag, a wagon, and #14 at Mt. Pleasant.

CA&E 320 passes the pond near Pioneer Village.

Aurora, Chicago & Elgin 320, later CA&E, was built by Jowett in !914 for fast commuter service.

It's apple-pickin' season, in a scene that could be from a picnic train from the 1920's.

Riders inside CA&E 320 on the private charter.

Knoxville Power & Light No. 379, later Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern 381, at Pioneer Village. It just seemed right for an east Tennessee Museum to charter a Knoxville trolley car.

WCF&N 381 at the pond near Pioneer Village. Look - no crowds!

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