GSWRR Photos

from the November 19-21, 2005 excursions

on the Georgia Southwestern Railroad

sponsored by SARM

Trip organizer Bart Jennings at the GSWRR Smithville yard.

Photo by Sarah Jennings

On November 19-21, 2005, the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum ran rare mileage train trips covering trackage once operated by the Central of Georgia; Georgia, Florida & Alabama; Seaboard Air Line; and Southern Railway, now owned by the Georgia Southwestern Railroad.

Saturday, November 19, was a roundtrip ride between Americus, Georgia, and Ochille, Georgia, on the “City of Miami” route. Sunday, November 20, was a roundtrip ride between Sasser, Georgia, and Lynn (Bainbridge), Georgia, on our “Georgia Pine Special”. Monday, November 21, was a roundtrip ride between Sasser, Georgia, and Eufaula, Alabama, on our “Eufaula Route Special”.

Photos from Nov. 19 trip Americus-Ochille, Georgia.

Photos from Nov. 20 trip Sasser-Bainbridge, Georgia.

Photos from Nov. 21 trip Sasser, Georgia - Eufaula, Alabama.

Chris Guenzler also has an account of the trips on TrainWeb at Thanks, Chris!

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