"IN-MI-OH" Charter Trains

Sponsored by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

A series of train excursions over railroads in several states of the old Northwest Territory...


Saturday, May 11, through Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Come ride with the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum on one of our yearly rare mileage train rides, this year covering six tourist railroads, often including mileage not otherwise normally covered. Here is your opportunity to ride these railroads over just four days!

The Southern Appalachia Railway Museum is based in the Knoxville-Oak Ridge, Tennessee, area and operates the Secret City Scenic Excursion Train through the former K-25 Manhattan Project facility.

Schedule of Events:

Saturday, May 11

* Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad/Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum - North Judson, IN

The train departs from the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum station at 507 Mulberry Street, North Judson, Indiana, at 2:45pm, and will travel between North Judson and Thomaston, Indiana, a total of 30 miles roundtrip. The trip, which will take three to four hours, travels over track not normally covered by the excursion railroad and includes several photo and restroom stops. Tickets are $50 each.

Sunday, May 12

* Coopersville & Marne Railway - Coopersville, MI

The train departs from the Coopersville & Marne train station at 311 Danforth Street in Coopersville, Michigan, at 10am and covers all of the railroad between Coopersville and Marne.  As an extra bonus, we will also be using motorcars to cover the rest of the line. Tickets for both events are $45. The train ride alone is $20.

Monday, May 13

* Charlotte Southern Rail Road/The Old Road Dinner Train - Charlotte, MI
* Southern Michigan Railroad - Clinton, MI
* Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Company/The Old Road Dinner Train - Blissfield, MI

This day we will cover three separate railroads. The first trip will be on the Charlotte Southern in Charlotte, Michigan. The train departs from 451 N. Cochran Avenue at 8:00am for a 90 minute trip. We will cover as much of the 3.25-mile long railroad as possible. Tickets are $20 each.

The second trip will cover the 11-mile route of the Southern Michigan Railroad Society, departing from the Railway History Museum at 320 S. Division Street in Clinton, Michigan, at noon. The trip will take approximately four hours, including several photo and restroom stops. Tickets are $30 each.

The third trip covers parts of the Adrian & Blissfield. The trip departs at 6:00pm from 301 E. Adrian Street, two blocks east of Blissfield’s downtown. The trip will last several hours and cover as much of the railroad as possible. Tickets are $20 each.

Tuesday, May 14

Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson - Jefferson, OH

Today’s train departs at 1:00pm from the boarding platform of the Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Railroad at 122 East Walnut Street in Jefferson, Ohio.¬† The trip will take one to two hours, including several photo stops, and cover as much of the railroad as possible.¬†Tickets are $20 each.

Tickets: No tickets will be sold by mail after May 4, 2013. Available tickets will be sold at the train.

Equipment: All of the passenger equipment used on these trips are supplied by each railroad and vary from open bench cars and cabooses to old commuter cars to fully restored mainline coaches. These cars have been restored for modern use but may not be fully accessible for all passengers. Steps and narrow aisles may make it difficult for some people. Because of the cars’ historical design, passengers needing special assistance are asked to make arrangements on their own for physical help. These trains are to be handled as open seating, thus seating in these cars will not be assigned. Some of the trains do not have restrooms, but stops will be made along the line.

On-Board Services: Snacks, drinks and souvenirs will be available for sale on most trains. Meals are not included in the trip prices. Passengers can also bring their own food on to the train. However, to ensure adequate space on the cars, passengers are encouraged to carry only small bags or coolers. Coolers and bags must fit overhead or under seats to keep the aisles clear. Restrooms are on most trains, stops will be made when they are not.

Hotels and Local Transportation: Passengers are expected to make their own hotel reservations and accommodations to get to and from the train.

The Fine Print: These trains are operated for the entertainment and enjoyment of the passengers and as a fund-raising activity for SARM. They will run rain or shine. The trains are not a part of the regular operations of the railroads involved, therefore they cannot be held responsible for delays or changes in the equipment or itinerary. The operators cannot be held responsible for problems associated with connecting transportation, lodging, sickness, weather, acts of war, acts of God, or other causes beyond our control. The same holds true for the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum and any other non-profit or for-profit organization assisting with these trips. All tickets are non-refundable, but they can be sold or given to someone else. Remember, this is a volunteer-operated fund-raising event, please assist us as you can. Please contact SARM with any questions that you might have. E-mail is preferred at: b.jennings@mchsi.com.

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