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On September 25, 2004, the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum ran a rare mileage roundtrip ride over the remains of the former CNW Cowboy Line: The Nebkota Railway. Named for the series of famous Chicago & North Western trains that once ran over much of the railroad, the Nebraska 400 departed from downtown Chadron and operated a 75-mile one-way trip through the Pine Ridge Country of northwestern Nebraska with lunch on the train and bus return.

While the train was just a power car, dining car and caboose, it featured two locomotives. After departing Chadron, we stopped at Bordeaux to get a few photos with trees before we hit the sand hills of western Nebraska.

A few more miles along a bridge was justification for a photo stop. We issued a rattlesnake warning, but the photos were great!

Heading east out of Rushville, we stopped for photos at the top of the hill.

There used to be a station named Irwin near here, but today the only thing around was a small passenger train and a photo line on a hill. Lunch was served here on the train. The chicken with garlic and potatoes in maple syrup was superb!


After touching the last rail of the line, we backed to Merriman for a bus ride back to Chadron. Good thing that we came this far as the railroad has applied to abandon this end of the railroad.

All photos this page by Barton Jennings

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