Photos from the Fall 2002 excursion on the Farmrail, Grainbelt, Hollis & Eastern, and Wichita, Tillman, & Jackson

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Farmrail 4079 leads the train north over the Cimarron River in northern Oklahoma on Saturday, November 2, 2002.

A runby at the Cimarron River crossing on the former Frisco mainline. Hey! That's the former Frisco sleeper Cimarron River on the excursion train!

Trip Coordinator Bart Jennings is spinning tales to a carload of passengers.

A number of railfans from around the country are riding in comfort. This is the lounge end of one of Farmrail's recently rebuilt coaches.

And the winner of the "rider from the furthest away" award was Ewa Maciejewska of Poland, a local exchange student. That flu shot she got the previous day might have been just a bit too much.

All photos this page by Ken Ziegenbein

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