KCS 3763 Flatcar

Kansas City Southern Flatcar 3763 is a 57' 3" long bulkhead pulpwood flat car with a capacity of 154,000 pounds. It was built in March, 1938 and used to move pulpwood to paper mills across the south. The car was originally assigned to timber shippers in Louisiana and Arkansas on the Kansas City Southern and Louisiana & Arkansas railroads. In 1960, the car was modernized with roller bearing trucks. During the 1980s, KCS used the car to move railroad ties for maintenance gangs. When it was retired in the 1990s, it was stored at Shreveport, LA.

The car was donated to the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum in January 2002 by Kansas City Southern Railway. The Museum would like to thank KCS President and CEO Mike Haverty for personally approving the donation and Carla Jeeter for handling the details of getting the car ready and moved. KCS repaired the car during the fall of 2001 and shipped it to SARM via Norfolk Southern at Meridian, Mississippi.

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