Southern Railway Baggage Car 543

[Southern Railway Baggage Car 543]

Four open doors for a great wind-in-your-face ride! (Safety bars and grating have been placed across the lower half of the open doors for your safety.)

The baggage car rides between the coach and the caboose. You can walk from your seats in the coach and dining car into the baggage car where the commissary and gift shop are located. A selection of chips, candy, popcorn, soft drinks, and coffee are available, as are T-shirts, whistles, books, coffee mugs, etc.

[Southern Railway Baggage Car 543]

The Southern Railway Baggage Car 543 was built in 1942 by the St. Louis Car Company. The 70' car was originally used in Railway Express Agency service. After passenger service ended on the Southern, it was assigned to derrick service in the late 1970s. It was used as a storage and power supply car for crews working with the derrick crane during derailment cleanup and project work. One of its assignments was Knoxville. In 1996 it was auctioned off and sold to Louisville Scrap Metal in Roanoke. The Southern Appalachia Railway Museum bought the car and returned it to Knoxville later that year. In 1998, its interior was restored and a sales counter installed.

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