Central of Georgia Coach 663

[Southern Railway Coach 663]This 85-foot, 56-seat car was built by American Car and Foundry in 1947 for the Central of Georgia Railway, the same year that the railway ordered coaches 664 and 665. Coach 663 was built for general service on the Central of Geogia, but was later painted in Illinois Central brown and orange for service on the "City of Miami" between Chicago and Miami. The car also operated on the "Nancy Hanks". The car became Southern property when the Central of Georgia merged with Southern on June 18, 1963.


[interior of Southern Railway Coach 663]Coach 663 was subsequently sold to the Algoma Central in 1973 as their number 440. It was retired and sold to the Wisconsin and Michigan in the early 1990's. The car was acquired by SARM in 1998 and was stored in Minnesota until funds were available to move the car. It was moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in February 2001 for restoration and use on the Secret City Scenic Excursion Train.


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