ALCO locomotive 7100

[ALCO locomotive 7100]ALCO (American Locomotive Company) 7100 is a model S-2 built in April, 1943, for the U.S. War Department. It had the ALCO construction number 70225. The Southern Appalachia Railway Museum spent three years restoring the engine to its original appearance and running condition. It debuted in restored condition on April 6, 2002, and is occasionally used as power on excursion passenger trains through the K-25 facility. (Photo by John D. Browning)





[ALCO locomotive 7100] The engine was obtained in June, 1999, by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum as a derelict from the Tennessee Valley Authority in Kingston, Tennessee, where it had the operating number DPP46. (Photo by Barton Jennings)






[ALCO locomotive 7100]The museum restored the engine to operating condition by July 1, 2000. This photo shows Unit 7100 awaiting final restoration and paint. (Photo by Barton Jennings)






[ALCO locomotive 7100] Engine 7100 in primer awaiting final paint. (Photo by Barton Jennings)






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