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The Southern Appalachia Railway Museum is pleased to provide the following information about chartering a train trip over the route of its Secret City Scenic Excursion Train. This trip lasts approximately one hour and covers 13 miles. The train trip passes through the former K-25 Manhattan Project facility (now designated the East Tennessee Technology Park) and rural Roane County along the Poplar Creek watershed. Among the highlights of the trip is passing through one of the scenes from the movie "October Sky," and watching the plentiful wildlife as the train winds its way through the east Tennessee countryside.

Each train trip is hosted by a knowledgeable guide who will explain the history of Oak Ridge, the railroad you are riding and the equipment you are in. The guides and car hosts are volunteers from our Museum and work the train for the fun of it, guaranteeing you a crew truly interested in your entertainment and education.

[buffet table] The Secret City Scenic Excursion Train is a popular venue for office parties, lunch meetings, Christmas parties, birthday parties, family reunions, and other get-togethers, both large and small. We can accomodate groups from 10 to 1,000 - if given enough time! We work with various caterers to provide anything from box lunches to BBQ to prime rib, or you can bring your own.

Our train currently seats 150 people: 54 in coach #664, 52 in coach #829, and 44 in coach #663. Additional cars are being restored and may be available. Restrooms are available on the train. The coaches are heated and air-conditioned. Additionally, the train includes a baggage car set up with a sales counter where souvenirs and snacks are available. The commissary car normally runs with its doors open (with safety gates) and riders can safely stand and take pictures or just enjoy the scenery.

Group rates are available for groups of 15 or more (if payment is made by one check) on our regularly scheduled excursion trains (see schedule) at $1 off the listed ticket price. The discounted group price for the 2012 season is $16 for adults (regularly $17) and $12 for children 12 and under (regularly $13). Larger groups can reserve an entire coach (up to 54 seats).

Costs to charter the entire train on a date not included in our normal schedule include crew and staffing, insurance, all train equipment, and the necessary permission and guards to enter the secured facility (as security concerns allow). Other activities such as box lunches or full meal service are available at an additional charge.

Charter Costs for the Year 2012 are:

One train (maximum of 150 passengers)

$ 1300 up to 108 riders and $16 each additional up to 150

Static train use (train does not move)

$150 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours

Other nearby attractions such as Southwest Point Fort in Kingston, the American Museum of Science & Energy in Oak Ridge, and the Museum of Appalachia near Norris make for a full day of entertainment.

For further information on chartering a Secret City Scenic train, please call the Museum at 865-241-2140 or write us at P.O. Box 6756, Oak Ridge, TN 37831. Please note: Because the Museum is an all volunteer effort our phone is not answered every day. Please leave a message and we will try to get back to you shortly.

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This page last revised: January 26, 2012

For questions or comments, please contact 865-241-2140.